Saturday, February 4, 2012

What the hey? People are crazy!

This has been a very long and busy week.  I have been watching my sauerkraut go from a beautiful shade of celery green to a yellowish color.  It is resembling sauerkraut more then shredded cabbage which is a good thing.  I snuck a little piece out of one of the jars and it even tastes like sauerkraut!  Yahoo!!!!  I am proud of myself for holding off on straining the Milk Liqueur.  I usually am very impatient but I know that if I can hold off until the 8th, I will get the best results. 

I took a trip to Goodwill today with my sister and was able to find some cute little liqueur sipping glasses for tasting the stuff when it is done.  Even found two cool bottles to store it in if there is any left.  Even if we drink it all, I will have to make more and then I will be all set to store the stuff in. 

I will have to get some big batches of my cranberry wine started soon.  I would love to have a bunch of bottles to donate to my daughter's wedding.  I will post the making of the wine on this site.  It is very easy to do.  The cranberry wine does not take long to make and it seems to be the favorite.

Oh, this is sister and I were at Menards today and when you walk in the front door they usually have a table of stuff they have on clearance.  Well, we spotted a bunch of spray hand sanitizer for 5 cents each.  There were a total of 36 bottles and so we decided that we were going to buy it all up.  What a great deal!  Well, I was happy about my find and I believe that my sister was also when all of a sudden a very strange lady told me that I was not nice.  I asked her why and she stated "what if someone else wanted to buy some and you took it all?"  My sister was speechless and I just looked at her and said "well they are selling it and I am a nurse and will use it."  To which she replied that she was a nurse also.  So, I offered to let her take some if she wanted to buy it.  She declined and walked away.  I turned to my sister and said "Oh my gosh, what a b&%*h!"  Loud enough for the very sweet, kind lady to hear.  I am still puzzled over the whole thing.  The store was selling it and I was buying it.  It was not like they were giving away samples and I was filling my pockets with free stuff?

I am going to make pizza tomorrow after church, breakfast and I think perhaps a Bloody Mary!

Until then........find the wisdom to breath!


  1. I love WISDOM TO BREATH. Just saying the words make me calm. Life can be stressful and breathing with wisdom is calming.

    I want some of your kraut. I love kraut. maybe you can make enough for your daughter's wedding reception. LOL. Thank you for your blogging.

  2. We will need to find a hall with good ventilation! :) And I will share my kraut with you in about a week. I think it will be very good. If so, I will have to get a bunch going for all of the summer cookouts!

  3. I'm so glad your kraut is coming along nicely! I bet you're gonna love it. And I totally would have snatched up all the hand sanitizer at 5 cents a piece! Totally.

  4. was your encouragement that prompted me to go ahead with the kraut project! I am excited to have it done. And, thank you for the positive feedback on the sanitizer. Another couple was present for the weirdness from the lady and they thought she was odd also. It is like wanting to buy the last few sales items and then saying "well I should not buy them all because someone else will miss out on the sale." Sorry but, first come first serve!