Sunday, January 29, 2012

Macht Sauerkraut on Funday Sunday!!!

7:15 am Kirche, 8:20 am Frühstück, 9:00 Einkaufen für Kohl,  9:45 am macht Sauerkraut, 10:45 am schriftlich meinem Blog veröffentlichen.
OK, no I do not speak German so please forgive the grammar.  It is 10:50 am and I have already been to Church, breakfast, shopping and made 3 one quart jars of sauerkraut.  I have been contemplating tackling sauerkraut and finally decided to just do it.!  After all cabbage is cheap and today it was on sale at the store for 48 cents a pound.  Here is how it is done (I think) least here is how I did it.
Recipe and  instructions:

3  one quart mason jars
Canning salt (non-iodized salt)
2 heads cabbage
¾ cups filtered water with ¾ tsp. of non-iodized salt dissolved

1.    Gather your supplies

2.    Wash and cut your cabbage

3.    Shred the cabbage.  I like just shredding it up with the knife but you may want to use a shredder or a food processor.

4.    Fill the jars one handful at a time adding about ¼ tsp of salt between layers.

5.    Make sure you tamp the cabbage down nice and tight and sprinkle about ½ tbls of salt to the top of the cabbage.

6.    The cabbage should produce almost enough brine to cover all the cabbage in the jar.  I needed to add about ¼ cup of filtered cold water to cover all of the cabbage.

7.    Place the lids on the jars but DO NOT tighten down.  The cabbage will be fermenting and will need to let the gas escape.

8.    Store in a safe place in your kitchen (I put it next to my jar of milk liquor in process) for 2-3 weeks.  I am told that the concoction will start to bubble and the jars should be placed on a tray to catch any overflow.  I will be putting something under the jars so that the mess will be minimized.  If the level of brine ever become insufficient to cover the cabbage just make some more by adding 1 tsp. of the non-iodized salt to 1 cup of filtered water and top off.

Lassen Sie den Gestank kann beginnen!

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