Sunday, February 12, 2012

They dogs will play when the humas are away!

The dogs will play when the humans are away.  So, let me set this up a little.  Our house is a rather small dwelling.  It houses two of my three adult children, my husband and myself.  It also is home to two cats and three dogs.  I love all that live under this roof.  The children are not home much.  The two cats keep to themselves.  The dogs on the other hand are a different story.  Gordy (he is really my son’s but has lived in this house since he came to be part of our family) is a 120 lb. 3 ½ year old yellow lab.  Sami is about 45 lbs. and is a 7 year old chocolate lab/Chesapeake Bay retriever and Polly is a 10 lb. 1yr old Teddy Bear doggie.  All three dogs are very loving and make a great pack.  They are best friends and I believe that they conspire against us when we are not home.  Here is the story of today as I believe it unfolded when nobody was home…..

Polly:  Hey guys, they just left the house.

Sami:  Yeah, I just saw the car turn the corner, they are gone for a while.  I heard them saying they were going out to dinner for Grandma Hazel’s 86 birthday.

Gordy:  Dah…I can see some food up on the counter towards the back.

Polly:  What is it?  I love to eat and chew anything.

Sami:  You both know how upset mom got yesterday when you ate mom’s chocolate baking bar!

Gordy:  I bet she will not even notice if we eat just a little.  I will knock the cocoa powder off the counter and we can go nuts!!!

Polly:  Do it Gordy!


Gordy:  I get it first I knocked it down.

Sami:  Polly, do you really think mom won’t notice that your white beard is now brown!

Polly:  I am so cute she will love me anyways.

Sami:  How are we going to clean all the chocolate mess off the light colored carpet?

Gordy:  I will just lick it up!

Polly:  I will help and I will try to chew up the container so there is no evidence left.

Sami:  Hey Gordy, did you notice that when you lick the powder on the carpet it makes it darker and grinds it into the carpet further?

Polly:  They are home, let’s just love them up when they walk in the door and they will never see the terrible mess we made! 

So, that is what happened I think.  I am hoping that the carpet shampooer will take care of the big chocolate stains in the carpet.  What a mess!

Gotta love my big and little fur babies!  Brian says he is tired of the pets but I know he still loves them.  And…Polly needs a good face washing now.  I noticed the chocolate face the minute the door opened before I even got to the real mess.  J  


  1. OMG, there is nothing I can say that I am sure you have already said. Naughty grand dogs, but if it wasn't there, out in the open, they wouldn't do it. AMEN.

    1. Ah, nothing is safe in this house. Polly learned from the cats how to open the lower cabinets. She lays on her back and opens them with her paws. There is only so much that we can fit in the upper cabinets. Fun with animals!!!