Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What Type of Rider Are You?

I was trying to fall asleep last night and realized that life is like a rollor coaster ride.   I am sure that many have heard that simalie before.  This is how I inturrperet it:

We buy our ticket and get in line (this is our birth and the formative years).  As we stand in line we people watch and critisize all the other people in line maybe even learning from some during the wait.  For some of us the line is really short and we leave it before the ride even really begins (very sad). 

As we get closer to the actual ride itself, we become  hesitant, fearful, impatient (I have seem some line jumpers trying to get to the ride ahead of others not wanting to wait their turn).  We see the others ahead of us on the ride.  Some are laughing and shouting with joy, others are screaming in fear while others yet are quiet.

Our turn comes and we climb on, get locked there is no turning back (we are adults, legal age our childhood is gone).  The roller coaster takes us on ups and downs, twists and turns.  Some take us into dark tunnels.  We can not always see what is just around the corner, over the next hill or what or how many twists we have ahead of us. 

Are you the one hooting and hollering with your arms in the air enjoying the adventure?  Never wanting the ride to end?

Could it be that you are the one so fearful that you are screaming, scared and clenching the grab bars with the queezy stomach wondering how you are going to make it through the ride?  Knowing you will, but not able to let go and just take each up and down, twist and turn as it comes.

Perhaps you are the fearful one with your eyes shut.  Trying to imagine yourself some where else, doing something else.  Unable to accept that you are truley in the here and now.  Pretending that this ride is not happening.

As I reflected on this and continue to do so, I believe that I mix up my rides.  Kind of like a bipolar individual (perhaps I am!).  It is not always the best being a nurse and knowing just enough but not enough!  LOL or NOT!  Each one of my days I am a different rider.  On the outside I am the hooter, the hollerer, that is what everyone sees and believes.  However, inside I am screaming and scared...wishing that my ride whould just end.  Not sure how I will make it through the next twist or turn.  Often wondering why it has to keep twisting and turning, soaring and then dropping off.  Inside, I would like to just shut my eyes and pretend that this is someone elses ride.  That I have my farm out in the country, far away from the real world where I can raise my animals, grow my food and be alone with nature and escape the real world.  Taking care of just myself and those that choose to live the same way.

I understand that God tests our faith. He is not really "testing" our faith but making it stronger.  Each day that we get by and still BELIEVE we are stronger!

One thing is for sure, the ride will end for all of us.  Will we get off the ride and look back and wish we could do it all again or will we have regrets?  Would we have choosen a different ride.  The little kiddie ride or the super-duper Mega  coaster if we had been given a choice?

What type of ride are you on and what type of rider are you?

Every day wake-up and say "I have the WISDOM TO BREATH"!

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  1. And I say, Amen. I do understand. God`s blessings to you.