Sunday, June 17, 2012

One of my Reasons will be having their own Reason!

So they say "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!"  Well, our lemonade will be sweet!  Hard to imagine but, in less then a year a little one will be joining our family.  What a blessing babies are!   A Reason to share a love like he has never known!  A Reason to get up every day and say "I am going to do my best to use the talents that God has given me."  "I am going to love unconditionally the way my parents have and continue to love me."  "I have a Reason to set the best example I can!"

While we expected that the first little one would be coming from our daughter who is marrying the love of her life on September 15th of this year, God stepped in and showed us differently!  So, a little detour in all of our lives has occurred, but hey, detours still get you to where you need and want to go, just a little different way getting there.  But, we all still get there. 

So, to my Son who was my first Reason.......I love you!  I love you inside and out.  God is holding your hand and will show you the way to get there.  Your father has been the best dad that I could ever ask for and the best man in my life.  Look at him, learn from him, use the memories that the two of you have created and then start working on the ones that you will create for and with your Reason for everything in your life from this day forward!

Happy Father's Day!

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