Sunday, March 30, 2014

KEFIR.....What's a Kefir? To open a locked door? Nope, keep reading...

I am so excited!  I know, if you have been around me lately you would think that I am joking when I say this.  But really, deep down in some remote part of me I am excited about this new project I am trying.  I have obtained some Water Kefir grains and have a batch of Kefir going right now.   What is Kefir?  It is fermented sugared water.  You use SCOBY's to ferment the stuff but, the SCOBY's look different then the SCOBY's used to make Kombucha.  They remind me of the little jelly beads that are in used to keep house plants and flowers hydrated.  You can not grow your own SCOBY's from scratch.  You must get a small handful of grains from someone else.  They will multiply if properly feed. 

There are two types of Kefir grains.  One type is for the fermentation of sugared water and juices.  The other is for dairy milk fermentation.  The dairy Kefir tastes like runny yogurt.  As I have mentioned, I am trying the Water type.  I am still heavy into my Kombucha with 4 one gallon jugs brewing at all times.  But, I wanted to give myself a variety of drinks.  My understanding is that the Kefir will be similar to soda-pop but with way less sugar and chocked full of probiotics and vitamin B's.  It only brews/ferments between 24-72 hours depending on the ambient room temperature.  This evening it should be 72 hours.  The first batch is usually not that great so, I am expecting to have my first real batch on Wednesday evening at the very latest.

Until then, I am looking into my soul to have the Wisdom to Breath.  Deep, soothing, relaxing and life giving breaths!

Okay, here is my opinion on the water Kefir!  My first real glass tonight.  It was not bad.  It did not get very fizzy for me and I think it is because of two reasons.  1.  I did not add any additional type of sugar in any amount when I bottled it (I only added a few thin slices of fresh ginger root and a small squirt of the juice from a lemon slice).  2.  I put it directly into the fridge, which cooled it down and slowed or stopped any further fermentation of any sugars which would have been left in the solution.  The water was not sweet at all.  It was pretty tasty once I added a packet of stevia powder.  It tasted like ginger water with a hint of a yogurt flavor in the aftertaste.  I guess that is the best way to describe it.  I do find it refreshing and believe that I will enjoy having the option of either Kombucha or Kefir to drink.  Anyways, I have just bottled my next two 16 oz bottles and added a little bit of blueberry/pom. concentrate to increase the sugar amount and am leaving the tightly capped bottles out at room temperature for a day in hopes that it will do a little more fermenting and carbonate the Kefir.  My grains are also multiplying and I am hoping to step up my production a little in a week or so. 

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  1. You are the creator of your peace, health and love. You are doing a wonderful job on most. I wish I had the wisdom too breath to guide you further. But, you my loving daughter, have surpassed me. You have a loving devoted family. How fortunate for you all. I love you. Your Mom.